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Have you looked in the Facebook group? The designer has been talking about some rare birds there. Hey Jamey, can you tell me the size of the cards so I can have sleeves ready to go?

They look standard but just want to be sure. Thanks so much! Super excited to pick this one up to play with my wife and boys! Very unique theme, appropriate play time, and fun mechanics. Thanks, per usual, Jamey, for putting out such high-quality games, both in design and components.

SM proudly lines our game shelf. Maybe Essen 19?

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I just checked their website. Looks like a late March release. I will have to go to my local game store here in Stuttgart and make sure they order it for me. I have two English copies on pre-order. Hello Jamey The game looks great and the theme is one that is being explore much. I am not a bird follower but I will get the game for sure.

Just the artwork and the eggs makes me want to have it. Great work! How long would it take to ship and deliver? So if I was able to get it before then I would easily preorder.

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Looks beautiful, great theme, nice to see a female designer as well! Plus we get other bonuses. Do you have an EU distribution centre, or do orders ship directly from the US? Will we see any review videos of Wingspan before the Jan. I will be a day one backer, and with that said…I love to have my cards nice and sleeved and by watching your unboxing video, one doubt arose: will the tray be able to fit all the cards once sleeved?

Hi Conor! You can keep the bonus and Automa cards in a separate plastic bag. Many thanks for the swift reply! Zip-locks will do the job! Is the plan to start shipping Champion preorders today? Unless I read it wrong in the update from a couple days ago. Our fulfillment center is working as fast as they can. The update said that you can expect to see a tracking number by early next week. Preordered yesterday…. Great to support the developer and with the bonus of getting it at least a month early. Hi, Wingspan looks amazing, from the art to the gameplay! Do you have a release date for the french edition?

I accidentally fell in love with birding when I was in college, and have since seen and sought out many of the birds in this game. So I obviously had to have it. Thanks for taking a chance on an interesting and different theme. The dice are wood too! Featuring an all-female design team headed up by Elizabeth Hargrave, Wingspan is an […]. That includes an all-female design group headed up by Elizabeth Hargrave, Wingspan is an […]. Como aficionado a los juegos de mesa y aficionado a las aves estoy entusiasmado con este nuevo juego y quisiera darles la enhorabuena.

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Aunque tengo una gran duda y es si posiblemente pronto se ofrezcan expansiones con aves de distribuciones de otros continentes. Un saludo. Thank you for producing yet another fantastic, high quality game! My wife and I received it today and played three times in one sitting. Your attention to detail in components and gameplay really shines. We love Wingspan! Head to the Stonemaier Games website for more […].

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Just played today with a coworker during lunch today, we were both quite surprised at how much we enjoyed it. Huge fan of everything you release, yet this game left us stricken by it. I think the best way to describe it is that the game flows naturally. Turns, Actions, and Rules almost do all the heavy lifting on their own. Hey Jamey, very excited about this game, and somehow missed the original release.

I have pre-ordered through an online retailer, and came across your open letter on facebook. I hope I misunderstood a little. Will the retailers be able to meet demands on March 8th? Or would I be better off cancelling and looking into another option? You mentioned that they have over promised, but I was unsure if this was for this release or the first round.

Also a huge fan of everything you release. I am going to sign up for the reminder. I guess I missed the pre-order ;. You read that right. Different birds […]. Hi Just played Wingspan for the first time — fantastic, beautiful game. I noticed a few typos on the cards eg. Is there anywhere I can report these typos to so that they can be corrected for second edition? I think I found 4 in our first game. By the way I love the attention to detail — the graphics are stunning.

Paul: Thanks for your question. Hi Jamey — thanks for your quick reply! My apologies — I should have read the BGG post first! Looking forward to further new releases from SM I must still purchase Viticulture yet — definitely the best game producer. Many thanks Paul. Got to play this today and it was a lot of fun! I look forward to playing it regularly and purchasing it when it becomes available. Great game :. Thanks, Gustavo! I almost canceled my preorder because of a change in my financial situation.

I loved it and so did my gaming buddy and her 11yo boy. He caught on faster than we did. Amazing game! Kudos to Elizabeth and the team.

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Heya Jamey, we played this for the first time the other night. Even though we were unable to finish the game because the store was closing, It has been quite some time when I played a game for the first time that left me with such an Amazing and Intriguing first impression!!! Wingspan to me is like a board game translation of that book:.

I finally found a site that have preorders available for the March 8th release, so I hope to get my copy next month. Thanks, Baylor! When the cards are activated you perform some action or gain some sort of resource. In some cases, the activated action on your card may benefit the other players.

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In most cases, you start at the right most card and work your way left. There are some engine building aspects to Terraforming Mars. The most recent game to hit our table that is a fantastic example of an engine building game is Wingspan. I actually expect Expansions to broaden the gameplay a bit more over just adding birds. My concerns with birds packs are:.