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Nearly 6, victims of disappearances remain unaccounted for, according to the New York-based Human Rights Watch. The Sri Lankan government has denied killing any civilians and has refused to allow any international investigations into the allegations. Singh is the second leader to shun the meeting after Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pulled out of the conference last month. On Monday, an Australian senator called on her government to boycott the summit after she was detained, along with a New Zealand lawmaker, and questioned by Sri Lankan authorities.

Senator Lee Rhiannon urged Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to join the boycott after she was prevented from holding a press conference on human rights issues in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo on Sunday by immigration officials who seized their passports and took them to their hotels for three hours of questioning. British Prime Minister David Cameron has also rejected calls for a boycott, saying he would urge Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to hold an independent inquiry into allegations.

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Experts say the Hindu extremist group glorifies Adolf Hitler and his "cultural nationalism. Founded , it is world's largest voluntary organization — though not un-controversially perceived throughout its history Lindner, Germany's ambassador to India, wrote on Twitter last week. Little did Lindner know that his visit to one of India's most controversial Hindu extremist groups would trigger a huge backlash on social media, with liberal analysts, journalists and political commentators slamming his RSS outreach.

Both its first Sarsanghchalak [head], MS Golwalkar, and one of the organization's heroes, VD Savarkar, were admirers of Hitler, mainly for his 'cultural nationalism' and his persecution of the Jews," said Sidharth Bhatia , the Mumbai-based founding editor of The Wire news portal. RSS, which presents itself as a cultural organization, advocates a Hindu nationalistic agenda under the banner of "Hindutva" or "Hinduness. Founded in , the RSS today boasts 6 million active members.

Most of the BJP's leaders, including Modi, have a long history as members of the volunteer movement. Pieter Friedrich, a South Asian affairs analyst, has initiated an online petition demanding Lindner's resignation. The petition alleges that Lindner's visit to the RSS headquarters "condones" the group's ideology, which is "inspired by fascist movements. Read more: Hindu nationalists promise 'superior' Indian babies. Defending his visit, Lindner said that as a German he was conscious of RSS's history during the ss. In an interview with The Hindu newspaper on Saturday, the ambassador said his visit to the RSS headquarters was part of his attempt to understand the "Indian mosaic.

So I asked Mr.

Farahnaz Ispahani: Purifying the Land of the Pure: Pakistan's Religious Minorities

Bhagwat many questions," Lindner told the newspaper. Lindner's visit was considered unusual as very few foreign diplomats have engaged with the RSS in public.

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The talk was followed by meeting between the RSS Chief and the diplomats," he pointed out. The global rise of neo-Nazism, especially its attempts to align with the RSS to promote violent supremacist goals, poses a dire threat to the peace and harmony of the whole world," Arvin Valmuci of the Organization for Minorities of India OFMI said in a press release. But Lalit Mansingh, India's former foreign secretary, came out in Lindner's defense and said that a diplomat can reach out to "as many people" he wants. Are there any restrictions on meeting RSS officials?

It's not a banned organization," Mansingh told DW. Germany is India's most important trading partner in the European Union and the two countries enjoy cordial diplomatic relations. The caste system is an ancient social hierarchy that still influences social norms in India. It is technically outlawed by the Indian constitution, but political parties often take advantage of caste differences. Many political parties claim to stand for Dalit rights, although attempts at social reform often fade once leaders are elected.

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Although India is a secular state, Hindus and Muslims clash over several issues. A movement cannot be 'insane' that is conducted by men of action as I claim the members of the Non-co-operation Committee are.

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  6. Both give place to respect when they fail to produce the intended effect. Whether it will now be met by repression or respect remains to be seen.

    The Nationalist Movement In India And The Role Of Mahatma Gandhi And Non-Violence

    In a civilized country when ridicule fails to kill a movement it begins to command respect. In a biographical article about screenwriter John Briley , Jon Krampner wrote, "…Gandhi never said it. Michigan graduate John Briley put those pithy words in his mouth. Shapiro states that the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence stated that Gandhi's family believes it authentic, but did not provide any further reference and provided no year, place or body of work.

    God has no religion. Aphorism pre-dating Gandhi, e.

    Germany′s India envoy visits ′Nazi-inspired′ Hindu group | News | DW |

    This is variant of a traditional Christian proverb; ie : " Hate the sin, but love the sinner " in Sermons, Lectures, and Occasional Discourses Edward Irving , and similar expressions date to those of Augustine of Hippo : " Love the sinner and hate the sin. As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world — that is the myth of the "atomic age" — as in being able to remake ourselves. Michael N. Nagler in his foreword to Gandhi the Man by Eknath Easwaran, p.

    The phrase is adjacent to a Gandhi quote in at least one list of quotations alphabetized by last name. There is enough wealth in the world to satisfy everyone's needs, This quote is actually credited to an American pastor of Swiss origin Frank Buchman, founder of the Moral Rearmament movement. Misquotes that Bapu is forced to wear. We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.

    Indian Freedom Struggle (1857-1947)

    There is "no reliable documentary evidence for the quotation", according to an article in The New York Times. It is not found as a direct Gandhi quotation in the volume authorized Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi. Misquotes that Bapu is forced to wear The earliest evidence for quotes of this type comes from the "Love Project", an initiative begun at at a high school in Brooklyn, New York by teacher Arleen Lorrance. According to the project's website , "Be the change you want to see happen, instead of trying to change anyone else" was one the principles of the Project "received" by Lorrance in -- but contemporaneous evidence for this has not been found.

    The Indian Mutiny of 1857

    A newspaper article states: "Instead of advocating change in people and things, Love Project encourages people to actually be change itself". Fulkerson, Ron San Antonio Express : p.

    In , Lorrance wrote, in a report on the Project: "One way to start a preventative program is to be the change you want to see happen. In , a newspaper report listed "'Be the change you want to see happen, instead of trying to change anyone else" as one of the principles of the Love Project. When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.

    There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible.

    Minority based and advocacy organisations

    But in the end they always fall. Think of it—always… When you are in doubt that that is God's way, the way the world is meant to be… think of that. This appears to have been originally written by John Briley in the screenplay for the movie, Gandhi , spoken by Ben Kingsley , playing Gandhi. The earliest [partial] misattribution to Gandhi appears to be by Ronald Reagan in an address to the United Nations General Assembly on 24 September also a misquotation , substituting the word fail for fall.